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"How Can We Assist Clients Affected by the Rising Cost of Living?"

How can you keep your face and body looking and feeling good during this cost-of-living crisis?

Firstly, don't buy unnecessary skin care or body products. Look at what you already have at home and don't be tempted in precisely the same way as you wouldn't go to the supermarket when you are hungry. Poster campaigns are brilliant for making you spend on products you don't need.

There are many free online apps that you can download and use to do a whole range of different exercises, everything from Yoga and Pilates to HIT and Aerobics.

You can also find some free, quick, cheap recipes online, showing you ways to cook cheaply and using various nutritional ingredients. Make a quick and healthy meal without breaking the bank.

At Skindividual Beauty, we have decided to do our bit to help our clients keep their monthly facials without them feeling that they are cutting into their budget too profoundly.

So we now offer two types of our Facial in a Box, our regular luxury type ( in both Eve Taylor and Cliniccare)- and now without the box and all the extras, we have cut all the trimmings so that what you get in your Facial is:

The skin-specific products, spatula, hairband, sponges, instructions, etc., are without the other items you may already have in your home and the other luxuries. Plus, it will arrive in a padded envelope instead of one of our boxes.

We also offer our Essential Boxes, which include a full-size Eve Taylor Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser. These boxes are packed together and sent out. When these three items are bought as a trio, you get your toner for half price.

These days, there is a lot of talk in the beauty world about whether your skin needs a serum as well as a moisturiser. The truth is that if you have very dry or dehydrated skin, you will probably need both. However, if not, and depending on the range and the amount of active ingredients in the products, you may be able to get away with just using a very good serum.

If you want more advice feel free to get in contact with us at or

07938193717 you can also try our free skin quiz to try to see what skin type you have.

Another great tip when using your make-up remover or Toner that isn't in a spray bottle is to apply it onto damp cotton wool pads, sponges or flannels. Take two or more cotton wool pads (the type you get in any supermarket or chemist), run them under the tap, and then squeeze them out so they are dampened. When you apply the make-up remover or the Toner, you will find that a little will go a lot further. Plus, you already have the equivalent of a small but far more effective wipe- something we beauty therapists consider a swear word- ( Wipes -That is). Please Note- If using Sponges or Flannels- please make sure that these are rinsed out after each use with antibacterial soap- (It can be hand soap) and left on a heater to dry so that they don't sit scrunched up and damp where bacteria can start to grow, between use.

The Buy one get one Free is only good if you intended to get one in the first place, and sometimes, by the time you get around to using the second cream or lotion, your body or face has changed or corrected itself from the issue it needed it for in the first place. (although these deals work out great for essentials such as cotton wool and tissues).

When using your body moisturiser, use one straight after showering or bathing. That way, it will be more readily absorbed into the body without leaving waste to cling onto your tights and trousers. It doesn't just sit on top of the skin because the pores are open due to the warmth of the steam in your bathroom.

You will be amazed at how much you can save using your freezer. This may not sound like a tip from Skindividual Beauty, but after recently being on a strict nutrition plan, I have found out how much can be frozen.

Tinned lentils and Chickpeas, therefore legumes have been measured into the correct gram size and sealed into freezer bags along with pomegranate seeds, banana, cut, not whole (apparently, if you freeze them whole, they go mushy), along with most fruits and vegetables. If you have any citrus fruits that look like they are coming to the end of their life, squeeze them and put the juice into ice cube trays in the freezer. It is always handy when making a smoothie or when you may need the odd bit of orange or lemon juice for a recipe.

Vegetables looking less than their best can go into one of the best investments I have ever bought.

You know, those gadgets that you buy that you never use? About 5 or 6 years ago, I bought a soup maker, and I am now on my 2nd one. We use it at least twice a week, not only to use up leftover vegetables but also because it makes. Healthy, nutritious soups. My other half is in charge, but it is a fantastic way to enjoy your vegetables, especially for fussy kids, and the best part is you do not need a singing, all-dancing one. I've got the most basic one that cooks, purees or leaves it in chunks. Nothing else is required, or you can use a handheld blender.

If you happen to be shopping at a department store, go with a list and never get talked into buying your products en masse. If you often purchase extra items for a " Special Offer Purchase", which you will never use please be aware that the products that you purchase in a department store are sold by excellent sales staff who have undergone excellent training in how to sell their line in products. However, they are not beauty therapist, with at least level 2 in anatomy and physiology. They also do not have extensive facial training ( I realise I am putting everyone in a box and some of them maybe qualified beauty therapists), nor are they licenced or insured if something isn't right- in the case of qualified beauty therapists. The other thing to be aware of is that, although the cost of the products at depatment store may be the same or even more than at the beauty therapist, it is often a lot less active product. Products ( even your favourite well-known ones, that are sold through Department Stores and Chemists/ Pharmacies are only allowed to have a maximum of 10% of active ingredients in them. Items sold through supermarkets, MLM companies, and other beauty product stores often only have a 0-2% amount of active ingredients in them (you can actually see on the back of most of the items or you can simply look it up online). Whereas, products sold by qualified therapists often have at least 30-45% of active ingredients often higher. (These ingredients can also be natural, they do not necessarily have to be biochemical).

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