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"What are your go-to home remedies for fighting coughs and colds this season?"

My family and I have been battling a severe cold that has taken us by storm in the past fortnight. As an individual with a history of respiratory issues, this recent bout of illness was particularly challenging for me. The symptoms were all too familiar - a relentlessly runny nose, persistent cough, loss of taste and smell, and an overall feeling of general exhaustion. Despite undergoing multiple COVID tests, all results returned negative, confirming that this was indeed a common cold wreaking havoc on our health.

Being asthmatic, I knew that I had to be proactive in managing this cold to prevent any further complications, especially in avoiding the onset of a potential chest infection. My approach involved a combination of home remedies and alternative therapies aimed at alleviating symptoms and supporting my immune system.

One of my go-to remedies during this time was a soothing blend of hot drinks incorporating fresh lemon juice, ginger, honey, cinnamon, and a hint of cayenne pepper. This concoction not only provided comfort but also helped in combating the cold virus. Additionally, I turned to the power of essential oils, specifically eucalyptus ravensara, known for its respiratory benefits. By incorporating this essential oil in steam inhalation sessions, I could clear my sinuses and ease congestion without requiring invasive methods.

Another vital component of my holistic approach was reflexology, which focuses on stimulating specific points in the body to promote healing and relieve discomfort. By targeting the sinus reflex points on my hands, I could alleviate pressure and congestion in my sinuses, offering much-needed relief during this trying time.

Furthermore, I used the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD), a gentle technique that aids lymphatic circulation and waste removal. This therapeutic massage supports the body's natural detoxification process but also helps reduce sinus inflammation and facial pressure, providing comfort and relief.

While navigating through this challenging period of illness, I found great relief in these natural remedies and healing practices that not only addressed the symptoms but also nurtured my overall well-being. As I continue on the path to recovery, I am grateful for the power of alternative therapies and home remedies that have supported me during this time of need.

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