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Anti Ageing Luxury Facial Box- Home Facial with Eve Taylor Products

Anti Ageing Luxury Facial Box- Home Facial with Eve Taylor Products


This Facial Box has everything you need to help restore and keep your skin in great shape.

For skin that looks and feels stronger and more radiant without leaving your home.

Developed specifically for skin showing signs of ageing.
Nature has so much to offer, but by mixing essential oils and plant extracts with leading
technology and scientifically advanced formulas, the Eve Taylor products have created a powerful, effective range which goes above and beyond everyday skincare for impressive results and client satisfaction.

Inside this box.

You will find a wealth of professional products that you can only get through other qualified therapists, including aromatic facial oil, micellar water, and the incredible actions of the

Eve Taylor Age Resist Range.

This includes

  • Micellar Lip and Eye
  • Clear Cleanse
  • Dynamic Cleanser with Lactic Acid and Argon Oil 
  • Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid
  •  The Resurfacing Cream Exfoliator is gentle yet eats away at dead skin cells, leaving the epidermis's top layer smooth and without debris. 
  • Anti-Oxidant Mask with Phyto Collagen
  • Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
  • C+ Bright Priming Moisturiser
  • Nourishing Night Cream
  • Replenishing Neck Cream
  • Nourishing Eye Complex
  • Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF50
  • 1 x Spatula
  • 2  x Sponges
  • 1 x Headband
  • 6 x Cotton Pads
  • 5 x Tissues

A delicious chocolate treat and a calming Pukka tea bag (for when you relax whilst your mask is on)


Everything comes with a full set of instructions.

Please note the choice of Pukka tea flavour may differ each time you order, as may the Chocolate Treat. However, we promise they will always be of the same standard.



By having a monthly facial, you are removing the very top layer of the skin. (geek quote) The top layer has five layers and is called the epidermis; when you have a facial, you are only removing the very top layer of the epidermis (Stratum corium), leaving the other 4) plus two other much deeper layers of skin behind) This helps remove dead skin, trapped oil secretions, pollution and other lovely things that may have been left on the skin no matter how well you have cleansed daily as you are spending a concentrated amount of time on your skin, repeating processes and generally looking after it for about what should take approximately an hour to ninety minutes.

Also, at this time, your skin will get a good workout. Just as your other muscles benefit from going to the gym, your skin and the muscles underneath will benefit from being massaged, gently stretched, and toned. This will bring a wealth of new oxygen and nutrients to the cells, nerves, muscles, and everywhere else within the area, promoting new collagen and elastin.

Depending on the products chosen for you / by your therapist, you will begin to notice a difference after about 28 days.

In simple terms - skin cells will replicate what is on the skin at that time. For example, if you have a scar under your eye, your cells will replicate that scar every time. So, as your skin improves, the cells will begin to replicate the improvements, and your scar will get less, etc. 

 However, if you keep changing your products, your skin will soon get confused. This is why it's important not to keep changing your products and to continue with your regular facials. 

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