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Purifying Wash 50ml Travel Size

Purifying Wash 50ml Travel Size


A foaming gel-based cleanser gently yet effectively removes skin impurities. Formulated with a unique blend of essential oils to help harmonise skin oil while providing deeply purifying properties for a clear clean complexion.


Skin type/Condition:

Oily, congested or blemish-prone skin.



Soap-free foaming cleanser deeply cleanses without over-drying.

Our unique blend of essential oils purifies and cleanses oil-rich skins.

Zingy Lemongrass gives a refreshing aroma awakening the senses.


Key ingredients:

Lemongrass offers astringent actions with a zesty fresh aroma.

Tea Tree imparts deeply purifying properties to defend against blemishes.

Cocomide cleansing agents derived from Coconut lift impurities and break down the surface tension of oil.

Ylang Ylang offers regulating qualities to balance excess oil production.

How to use:

After pre-cleansing the skin with Clear Cleanse, dispense a small amount of Purifying Wash into the hands and mix with tepid water into a foam consistency, continue to apply to face and neck, and cleanse in gentle circular motions (Must be mixed with water).

For enhanced cleansing benefits use with dampened Facial Cleansing Brush in light upward rotating movements.

Rinse thoroughly with tepid water or damp washcloth.

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