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Teen Skin Luxury Facial Box- Home Facial with Eve Taylor Products

Teen Skin Luxury Facial Box- Home Facial with Eve Taylor Products



The Teenage Facial in a Box has been specifically produced following many of my clients' requests: “What can we do about our teenager’s skin?”  This usually happens around puberty, when starting work or university, and exams. Anytime the hormones at this time go on, a huge change (as they do at several other times of our lives, and this can carry on until the early twenties). This creates a massive challenge for teenagers and those in their early twenty-something skin. The hormones start to take effect on the body, propelling youngsters into their pubescent years, and the older teenager/early twenty-something is going through a highly stressful time where their skin will experience several changes. The sebaceous glands (which control the amount of oil produced) start overproducing oil, making the skin extra oily, causing pustules, oily skin, breakouts, and blackheads. Unfortunately, what happens with less knowledgeable skincare companies, especially face wipes, even baby wipes? Also, hand soap users tend to produce skincare that uses harsh ingredients that strip the skin, so at first, it looks great and dry, with no oily residue. Meanwhile, this sends a message via the brain to the sebaceous gland that it is too dry on the surface of the skin and that it needs to make some more oil quickly! So, it becomes a vicious circle.


“Created specifically for teenagers, our Teen Clean Facial Box profoundly cleanses and exfoliates, unblocking the pores and clearing the skin. A refreshing masque soothes and reduces redness, calming breakouts and invigorating problematic skin before a mattifying balm leaves the face looking fresh, clear, and squeaky clean.

Inside our Eve Taylor Teen Facial Box, you will find,

  • Micellar Eye & Lip,
  • Teen Actives Clearing Skin Wash,
  • Teen Skin Actives Clearing Skin Lotion,
  • Teen Actives Clearing Skin Scrub,
  • Restoring Skin Mask,
  • Daytime Skin Defence,
  • Overnight skin support,
  • Clearing Spot Gel,
  • Moisturising Solar Shield SPF25 Daily or Daily Skin Defence SPF 50.
  • 1 x Spatula,
  • 2 x Facial Sponges,
  • 6 x Cotton Pads,
  • 6x Tissues,
  • Vegan boxes come with Vegan chocolates and herbal tea. Plus, everything as stated above and

Non-vegan boxes come with a Hot Chocolate Sachet and milk chocolates. Plus, everything as stated


As we use Honey, Bees Wax and Chitosan in a few of the Eve Taylor® ranges, we cannot say our range is fully vegan-friendly. However, this only applies to a select number of products, which are listed below:
Purifying Cream Masque – contains Honey
Seal & Protect Moisturising Lip Balm SPF10– contains Honey & Beeswax
Resurfacing Cream Exfoliant – contains Beeswax
Bio Cream Exfoliant – contains Beeswax
Organic Cream Massage base – contains Beeswax
Soothing Moisture Cream – contains Beeswax
Balancing Moisture Cream – contains Beeswax
Purifying Moisture Cream – contains Beeswax
Lip Contour Masque – Contains Chitosan – derived from crustacean shells
Replenishing Neck Cream – contains Beeswax

The Eve Taylor® range is comprehensive enough to allow vegan clients a complete facial treatment by avoiding these products and omitting an alternative formulation.

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